Here’s a fun story! 

When looking at dream properties for sale on the internet, sometimes you find something you just really like.   You’re not even sure why – but the style and décor of the house speaks to you.  So… you check around on the internet looking for more photographs of the house and you realize who the owners are and it all starts to make sense. 

Years ago, you had liked another house the owners owned. 

It’s called falling down the rabbit hole of interior design!



A few years ago, there was a beach house for sale/rent in Malibu Colony (that exclusive sliver of beach where there is barely any sand left, but you pay for each grain there is just to live there.)   I fell in love with this beach house – I liked everything about it.  It seemed that whomever designed it was someone my age, someone who appreciated antiques and accessories and maximalism.  It certainly wasn’t anything that someone in their 20s or 30s would appreciate:  there was no fancy hardware, or velvet tufted sofas, or gray floors, or indoor plants.  No, this was designed by someone of my era, give or take 10 years or so – someone who likes to read, to collect, and to shop for antiques.

I saved all the photos of that beach house, thinking I was going to blog about it, but never got around to it.  I actually forgot about the beach house until I noticed it was just recently listed at The Agency (In case you didn’t know - Bravo’s Housewives of Beverly Hill’s Kyle Richard’s husband owns The Agency.  BTW, that’s Paris Hilton’s uncle.  In Hollywood everyone either knows everyone or has been married to them.)

After researching the beach house – I found photos of it when it was featured on the cover of Architectural Digest, years and years before.  These pictures were taken by the esteemed Fritz von de Schulenburg.

Dot & Barry Spikings

The couple who had owned the beach house when it was in Architectural Digest were Dot and Barry Spikings – she, an architectural designer and he, an Oscar winning film producer.   He is still working, but he is most famous for such classics as The Deer Hunter, The Man Who Fell To Earth,  and Convoy.  The Spikings’ beach house was an original Malibu cottage from the 1930s.  In restoring the cottage, Dot combined the house with its beamed garage and turned it into what was called “The Barn On The Beach.”

But it wasn’t The Barn On The Beach for long…eventually the Barn was invaded by the original Juicy Couture jumpsuit!!

Sometime around 2003, the barn was bought by 1/2 of the founders of Juicy Couture – Pamela Skaist and her husband Jefery Levy.

Britney Spears wearing the uniform of the 2000s – the Juicy Couture velour tract suit

Knowing that the beach house that I had fallen in love with was owned by Pamela Skaist Levy made the story all that more exciting.

The Levys bought the beach house and had it published, yet again.  But a few years later, Pamela redid the interior changing it from minimalism to maximum.

Pamela’s city house in Beverly Hills is much more well known than her beach house – it was once owned by Merv Griffin and had been used as a location for many Hollywood movies.  The Levy’s city house has been published a few times and has been shown on the blogs many times, but it’s been a while since then  – so it doesn’t hurt to take a look again. 

The Levy’s Beverly Hills house used as a location for “The Female Animal” starring Hedy Lamarr, 1958

Two years ago, it was quietly announced that the Levys were selling their large Beverly Hills house – now that they were empty nesters, it was just too big.   With both of their houses on the market again – the story is now just too juicy to pass up. 

Juicy.  Yep, I said that!

So grab your sunscreen and your beach towels and your furs.   To me, the California beaches are very cold, the Pacific Ocean acts like one big fan blowing frigid air inwards.  In Texas, the Gulf Of Mexico brings only Hot Tamale winds.


The Colony is a gated community and not even the Google Map people are allowed inside to take photos.  But there is “The Barn on the Beach” where the red balloon is.  This is a teeny-tiny sliver of some of the most coveted sand in America.

One of Rachel Ashwell’s former beach houses is just across the street:

My all time favorite original Malibu cabin – redone by Rachel Ashwell years and years ago.

A few years ago, someone bought Rachel’s former house and massacred it – it’s awful today.  To read my story and how I almost had a heart attack writing about it  - go HERE.  The story about the Ashwell house is at the very end of that blog story, you have to scroll down.

What was done to Rachel’s original cabin is a nightmare.  By contrast, what was done to Pamela Levy’s original cabin is a dream….

Pamela’s original Malibu beach cabin

Here is the front of the house – the street facades in the Colony are usually not much to look at.  The best view is from the beach.  Without the electrical pole, it would be much cuter, but it’s cute enough as is!! 

When Dot and Barry Spikings owned the house – Architectural Digest put it on its cover.  The house was built in the 1930s – and Dot, a designer had completely redone it, incorporating the garage into the house and opening up the ceilings.

The front door shown above opens to a walkway along the side of the house.

First let’s see what the Spikings did to the house:


Architectural Digest 2001:   Here is the Barn, by Dot Spikings.  New, large window and door installed to beachside terrace.  With the ceiling open, a loft bedroom is above, reached by a ladder – the loft overlooks the ocean.   The window is actually two stories tall – reaching up to the loft bedroom and ending in a sunburst design.    Next to the original brick fireplace, now painted white, is an old, rustic door, hiding shelves.  White slipcovered sofas and old wood table.

Later, the Levys remodeled the house again – this window was removed and the loft was enlarged into a bigger bedroom.


Architectural Digest 2001:  The view of the fireplace with the shelves to the right and the rustic wood door.  The bench is covered with a dhurri rug – as is the wood floor.  Since this is Malibu and Rachel Ashwell was living across the street – I’m going to guess the slipcovered sofas are by Shabby Chic.   The house is decorated with old oils of cows.

   More Architectural Digest 2001:  A closer view of the window and terrace.  What a pretty window!   You can see here how the floor is open to the window to allow it to reach up to the loft.

Architectural Digest 2001:  And here is the farm table at the window overlooking the beach terrace.  Notice the top of the window – how it’s open to the loft upstairs.

2001:  Looking back behind the sofa, towards the front door is the dining area and kitchen.  White wicker chairs with blue & white striped fabric surround an antique wood farm table.   The kitchen was opened up to the living area with butcher board counters.  You can see how the roof was raised to the rafters and painted white – so wonderful looking!  Almost thirty years old – I would move in here today with just some editing, such as removing the hanging baskets!!!

2001:  I love the chairs and fabric.  Today I would remove all the cow paintings – it’s a Mary Emmerling look from back then and today it seems a bit dated.  Also, not sure I would keep that cabinet with all the dishes and baskets above.   But with a little editing, the bones of the design are still great for today.  Mark Sikes would keep those wicker chairs with blue and white fabric – for sure!!!

2001:  Here is the deck and terrace – and you can see the loft with the arched window.   Later, this will all completely change – with a new deck and new loft.   The back of the house will be much larger.

2001:   The master bedroom leads back through aged wood paneling to the front in the converted garage area.   Notice that all the floor is wood – later this will also change.

2001:   The master bedroom with the newly raised roof and skylights.  The floors also look old.

2001:  And inside the master bedroom with the antique Louis Vuitton trunk! 

2001:   The bathroom.  Again, I’d be very happy.  White walls and light floors- though  I would probably restain them more of a light gray than this yellow tone.  This bathroom will be redone.

And so, apparently there was some type of gas leak fire and the Spikings were forced to move up into the Malibu hills to a house with a garden, instead of the beach.

The next owner apparently was a German talk show host, who was rarely in the country.  Around this time, Pamela Levy and her husband Jef were house hunting in the ‘bu (not my nickname for it!)    They didn’t want a new, monstrosity of a beach house.  Instead, they wanted an original beach cabin in the Colony. 

They searched for three years and this house was the only one they liked – there are so very few one story original cabins left in Malibu.  Since this house wasn’t for sale, they begged the owner to buy it – and succeeded.

Gela Taylor and Pamela Skaist Levy - the partnership that brought us Juicy Couture. 

For their business appearances, the two partners tend to dress alike, as seen here.  Eventually they sold Juicy Couture and later came out with a new company - “Gela and Pam.”  When Pam, on the right, bought the Barn she decorated it and then had it  photographed for a design magazine a few times.   At first there weren’t many changes made by Pamela, but later the  house was expanded and redecorated.  Here are the photos from the first design by Pamela:

The front door opens to a courtyard, below:

Pamela Levy and her son – taken quite a few years ago!  Here is the front courtyard.  To the left, is a guest cottage which was probably part of the garage at one time.   The courtyard leads to the back terrace and beach.

Gone are the dhurri rugs and the country furniture – in are Pamela’s more dressy designs, mixed with zebra and her large collection of blue opaline!  Which I also collect!!

You can that the rustic door is now gone, replaced with shelves and cabinets.

And from another photoshoot – I love the zebras mixed together.

Pamela hired Brenda Antin to decorate the house for her.  Antin has long owned a décor store in Los Angeles and a few years ago she sold her house to Lena Dunham which I wrote about HERE. 

Behind the sofa is a tall Portuguese antique cabinet.

A vignette with a photo of Levy and her son, coral, and more blue glass.

Closer view of the cabinet and her leather chair, accessorized by the Hermes blanket.    In side the cabinet is more of her collection of blue opaline.   Just a note about the opaline – this is not really French blue opaline, it’s blue milk glass.  Milk glass is thicker than opaline.

Here is a small collection of true French blue opaline.   Be still my heart!  See how thin the glass is and how fine and polished it is?  Milk glass is not this delicate.

The dining area has black rattan chairs with a marble topped table.  Love this!

Pamela replaced the butcher board countertops with white marble and she added new appliances, but otherwise the kitchen remained the same.  She added contemporary bar stools and more blue glassware.

More of the blue collection in the kitchen. 

Pamela Levy and her son and dogs.

All traces of rustic country are now gone, replaced with casual antiques like this Guinevere black bed and another zebra covered bench.  Modern art and blue glass combine to show how contemporary and beachy are mixed in this house.

Here you can see from the master bedroom to the back terrace.  Notice how Pamela painted a white border around all the rooms – leaving the wood untouched past the borders.

It’s hard to see here – but across from the bed is a large sitting room – with two bamboo/wood sofas.

The master bathroom was redone, with a new configuration, bathtub and marble top vanity.  Of course this is Malibu – so there is a crystal chandelier in the bathroom.

In the loft, Levy placed two antique twin beds – along the side rail, as opposed to Dot Spikings who used the back railing as a sort of headboard.  These beds are perfect for the beach – and remind me so much of something that neighbor Rachel Ashwell would have used.

And from another photoshoot – you can see the loft with the large arched window.  Later, this window will be removed.

The terrace was changed to create different outdoor rooms.  There is a fireplace at the right and the dining room at the left, while the family room is in the center. 

The new pergola is covered by bougainvillea.  Originally the pergola was not very sturdy.  That was changed, later.

I love how Pamela designed this – with the white garden seats and the green votives.

And from the back terrace, the stone stairs, the loft window – it looks like a Cotswold Cottage!    You can see that without the added loft – how small the original one story beach cabin really was.

Sometime later, after the house was first remodeled by the Levys, the house was taken up a notch to a really incredibly beautiful house – beach or not!!!  It barely looks the same today – and it really looks even less like it did as The Barn On The Beach!

This is the house that I first saw a few years ago – for sale or rent.  Last week, it came back on the market:

Today:   The front door opens to the courtyard that runs along the side of the house.

TODAY:   The guest cottage that was once part of the garage is at the left. 

TODAY:  Here is the courtyard further down – totally cleaned up with flowering plants.  This door opens up to the kitchen.

TODAY:   Here is the renovated terrace.  There is now a proper wood pergola on the left side of the terrace.  Above the table is a series of three lanterns – that really add romance at night.  Across is a sitting area with the fireplace.

The view towards the sitting area on the terrace and its fireplace.   Notice to the left of the dining table is a hot tub.  Pamela Levy said in an interview – the one thing that was important when they were house hunting was a large back yard area.  While this isn’t a traditional back yard, there is a lot of space for kids to play and adults to lounge.

TODAY:   A later view of the back terrace.  Notice how beautifully it was accessorized with all the blue and white!!    The black Sunbrella fabric and black wood on the furniture and umbrellas is an unusual choice for a beach house.  But, it lets you know right off that a serious design plan is in effect here. 

Note:  One set of the “newer” photos were taken two years ago, when the beach house was first put up for sale.  Recently, another set of photos were just taken – those are marked by the MLS logo.  You can see here that in two years – the landscaping has grown significantly.

BEFORE:   Here is a before photo – when Pamela Levy first bought the house.  The fabric is dark brown, not black as it is today and the furniture is rattan, not the sturdy wood that it is today.   There is no hot tub and there are no center stairs that lead to the upper terrace.  You can see the line of loungers.  Today – those loungers sit on the sides, facing each other.  And of course the pergola was not as sturdy as it is today.

TODAY:   In the Colony – the houses are mostly zero lot lines – as you can see, the neighbor’s beach house is right next to their terrace.

The hot tub.  It looks like over the years, the long line of white garden seats and green votives have been switched out. 

AFTER:  And looking back towards the house – you can see the big difference in the loft.  The arched window is now gone, replaced by a larger square window, shaded by an awning.  And to the left is the courtyard that leads to the front door.  While there were once white garden seats, there are now green ones – as seen here.


BEFORE:  Here’s a reminder of how the beach cabin once was.  The roof was shingles, which I would guess are now outlawed in Malibu for fire hazard.  There were replaced with composition tiles.   It doesn’t look as if the loft was made larger – just the window was replaced.  Without a side by side photo, it’s easy to think it was enlarged.

The composition tiles are safer, of course, but the shingles are so much prettier. We aren’t allowed to use the shingles in Houston.

And here is a closer view of the large window which replaced the older one with the white frames. 

TODAY:  After living in the house a few years – with her zebra benches and slipcovered sofas and blue glass collections, Pamela Levy redid the beach house – making it much more lavish.  Here, there is a plain covered windowseat and two gray sofas.   A cut velvet chair and bench were also added.  There are now shades at the window and notice the new railing on the upstairs loft.    The windows are no longer white metal but are instead black. 

NOTE:   The redesign of the beach house was done by Irene Lipsey

A view towards the dining area.  There is now a new coffee table, but the rug remains the same.   A new fancy mantel was added to the fireplace.   The chair is the same just recovered in cut velvet.

The view towards the kitchen.  You can see the sofa pillows are monogrammed with J & P – Jefery & Pamela.

Light blue accented Oushak rug at the back door.

TODAY:   The dining room remains much the same as it first was decorated by Pamela, but a mirror was added and the white fabric was replaced with the same gray linen, also monogrammed in J & P.   Even the air conditioning grate was recently updated with a more vintage looking one.    The hallway leads back to the master bedroom suite and shows how pretty the architecture is in this small beach.

TODAY:  The view towards the kitchen shows the biggest change is most of all the blue glass collection has been replaced with blue and white porcelain.

TODAY:  Looking toward the back terrace.  At the right, the same black cabinet and leather chair remain.   You can see the loft has changed considerably. 

TODAY:   The same bar stools remain.  The shelves are different with blue and white, red foo dogs, and black accents. 

The kitchen with the view out to the side courtyard.

And this view at the dining and living areas and the ocean.  Beautiful!

The master bedroom received a big cosmetic change – bright fabric was hung on the canopy and antique mirrors now flank the bed, while Oushak rugs cover the wood floors. 

This view down the hall shows how beautiful the architecture of this small cottage really is.  Most likely the Spikings raised the ceiling to the rafters, exposing the beams and shiplap.  Nowhere is this more dramatic as in the hall.   Notice the new grills on the air conditioning duct. 

TIP:   This small detail of the grills, adds so much charm and authenticity, that the cost of changing out all your vents is worth it.

Across from the bed is a small sitting area that overlooks the courtyard.  The red chinoiserie desk is stunning and is a focal point in the room.  Bamboo trimmed sofas are used here, as is the coffee table that was once in the living room.  In the corner is the chandelier that previously hung in the master bathroom.

Two skylights let in the bright sun since the courtyard is rather dark.   I love this set of furniture!!

The master bath also got a cosmetic update with new handpainted wallpaper and sconces.   Also a small vanity was added to the cabinetry.

The chandelier was moved to the bedroom and a shade here with fabric that matches the bedroom.

The guest room is beautiful.  I adore it!  Love this subtle toile, it has long been a favorite pattern.  The red looks wonderful mixed with the blue and white.   The lamps were moved in here from the master bedroom. 

Gorgeous chandelier!   Pamela has the best taste in lighting fixtures!!!

And notice in this mirror, the reflection from the arched door or window.

To the right of the cabinets is the door that leads to the courtyard.  This room was probably part of the garage at one time.

TIP:  Don’t have a canopy bed but want the look of one?  This is an inexpensive way to get the coziness of a canopy bed.  All you need is too drapery rods and two chains!

That chandelier!!!!!!!  LOVE!!!

So cute!  I think it was the bedrooms that made me fall in love with this beach house!

The study/TV room doubles as a guest suite with a hidden Murphy bed.  Notice the feet on those chairs!!  And notice that beautiful chinoiserie table.

Every room is filled with beautiful chairs, tables, lamps, accessories, and antiques.   Pamela Levy has wonderful taste and her beach house is a fine example of this.

The guest bathrooms are simple and classic.  White subway tile mixes with the traditional Greek fret key pattern.  White marble countertops. 

Today people use tiles in all  sorts of colors and shapes to make a bathroom and kitchen unique.   In a few years, the owners will tire of the bright patterns and tiles.  Sometimes it’s best to just keep it simple and elegant, like this.

A second bathroom repeats the same décor with a wood toilet seat – love!!!  The print was moved here from the living room.

And here is the loft bedroom – with its new balcony railings.  Again, not a major change, but the effect IS major.    Before Pamela had vintage twin beds here, but now there is a larger canopy for guests.   Notice the chinoiserie bed.

I’m guessing the changes were made in anticipation of the renters. 

The draping closes off the bed creating a room within a room and giving the loft more privacy from those downstairs.  Notice the curtains.

What a view!!!

To the right is a chinoiserie chest with an antique crystal sconce. 

The arched window is now gone, replaced with a modern window and charming old fashioned awning with a scalloped trim.

The difference in the beach house from Pamela’s first décor to this scheme is stunning.   A small beach house became a beautifully furnished house juxtaposed against the shiplap and beans and rafters. 

The new décor allowed the Levys to put the house on the rental market asking from $50,000 to $100,000 a month during high season.  To see the listing go HERE.

A look back to the first remodeling.   The Architectural Digest published beach house – simple and rustic with country décor.

Levy Décor #1  -  renovations and antiques dressed up the Barn At Malibu.

Levy Décor #2 – A dressier design gave the house a more Hamptons vibe, filled with pricey antiques and accessories aimed to attract renters willing to pay the price of living in The Colony at Malibu.

The two Juicy couples:   Gela Nash and John Taylor AND Pamela Skaist and Jefery Levy

While Pamela, the beach lover, has a main house in Beverly Hills, her partner Gela Taylor also has a few houses with her rock star husband – John from Duran Duran.  The most spectacular of her houses is the English Country Mansion – South Wraxall Manor:

Gela hired the esteemed Robert Kime to decorate her English manor South Wraxall Manor and he did a beautiful job.  The large portrait is of King George III – quite fitting.   Perhaps it is that her partner has such an exotic second home that Pamela wants to move on from California?

With Pamela’s beach house now for sale, what about Beverly Hills?  Last year, her city house was quietly put on the market for $100,000,000, including all furniture and art.  At that time her husband, Jefery, told an interviewer that they would keep the Malibu house and had plans to move to New York, starting over.  He said their son was now in college and the house was just…too big.  Except now, the beach house is also for sale.  I can see the couple pulling up stakes and getting a loft in the West Village in NYC and another quaint cottage in Montauk. 

The Beverly Hills house has been blogged about through the years and many stories of it have been in the magazines. 

It’s not known if that main house ever sold or even if it is still officially for sale.   But with these real estate photos, it is worth a second look.

Additionally, an application was made for the house to be included in the Local Registry of Historic Properties and many historic facts and photographs included here were found in the public record of that application.

NOTE:  When I started this story, I only meant to write about the Juicy Couture Beach House, instead, the Juicy Couture Beverly Hills house became too fascinating to not include.  

That famous trip down the rabbit hole of interior design.

Enjoy – again!

Here is an aerial photo of the estate in the 1920s.  Eventually, in 1940, Burton Green, who developed Beverly Hills, bought this land and built a $50,000 house for one of his three daughters, Liliore Green and her then husband.  

The five acre estate was notable for the unique pine forest that covered the back portion of the land.  Underneath the forest ran a natural spring which was incorporated into the design of the house when a cistern was built.   That cistern spring still irrigates parts of the estate today.   

The close to 12,000 sq ft house has 7 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

Liliore Rains entertained a lot when she was younger.  She allowed the house to be used in a few movies, some famous, but mostly, forgettable ones.   As she got older, the childless widow became a recluse and was rarely ever photographed or seen.   It was a surprise when her will called for a $250,000,000 gift to benefit six colleges and hospitals.

A year after her death, the entertainer and entrepreneur Merv Griffin bought the house for 5 million dollars.  At one point Griffin approached the city wanting to cut down a large amount of the pine trees in the forest.   Obviously his request was denied.

The same view today shows the unusual layout of the house.  The tennis court, poolhouse and pool lie in the front yard, instead of the back.    There is a large slope to the estate and the front yard is much lower than the house and the pine forest which is even higher.   There is a 1/2 acre rose garden to the right of the house where Nancy Reagan would come and pick buds. 

What you can’t see is there is an authentic Adirondack cabin that was built amongst the pines, north-west of the house.  That cabin still stands today and is used for entertaining and yoga lessons!

Merv in the pine forest near the cabin.

Merv hired the decorator Waldo Fernandez to decorate the large home and it was the fact that Merv Griffin had owned the estate which attracted Pamela Levy to it - she had been a huge fans of his during her childhood.  

Through the years the house has structurally changed very little and most decorative details like the hardware and floors remain.    Some changes include the installation of a slate roof, a fireplace in the master suite, a gate house,  and enlarged garage.  Merv remodeled the pool house and redesigned the pool.  The Rosens who bought the house from Merv added a bathroom to the master bedroom suite and a fireplace.  The Rosens’ designers spearheaded many cosmetic changes to the house.   Pam and Jef Levy updated the electrical and plumbing systems.  Pamela resisted any large restoration, only cosmetically changing the baths and kitchen.   Later, Jef updated the basement and it now contains a recording and sound studios, along with a film editing suite for Jef who is a film producer and a lawyer.  He shot two films in his house and it is now available for use as a film location.  Additionally, the Levys added an exercise room by the pool and two driving ranges and a putting green.  In all, Jef Levy told an interviewer that over 10 years they had invested $12 million in updating the estate.

1947 – the estate, covered in ivy.  Notice the driveway is plain asphalt.  This will change.

Today – not much has changed except a privacy screen was added to the gate.

In 1947, the house was covered in ivy – today the stones are clean of any vines.

  Merv Griffin sold the house in 1994 to Fred Rosen, the former chairman of Ticketmaster, and his wife, Rikki.   They updated the house with the help of the interior design firm of Hendrix/Allardyce.  There was one other owner before the Levys bought the house. 

These beautiful pavers were a later addition to the house by the Rosens – these were made to resemble the stone on the façade.   Past this driveway on the left is the sunken front yard with pool, pool house and tennis court.  It also looks like the decorative gate by the side of the house is now gone.

Prior to their move, Pamela painted the walls white and she took down the curtains.  They moved in with no furniture as their previous house was contemporary.  But, stashed away was a collection of antique furniture and accessories that Pamela had been buying through the years.  All she needed was a decorator to pull it together.  At a chance meeting with Hamish Bowles, Pamela confessed that her new house intimidated her and Hamish was the one who suggested she hire Peter Dunham who could combine English classic with a rock star vibe.


1947:  The façade, with the overgrown ivy covering the white trim.  Today, there are new lanterns flanking the door.


Today:  The front door.  To the right is the living room, seen through the bay window, with the master bedroom’s own bay window above it.  

Before the Levys purchased the house – the trim was painted white.  Now, a soft green appears to be a much better choice.



    Pamela Levy in the rose garden, which is on over 1/2 acre of the estate.  Nice!!!!!!

                                                                                                                                               This side of the house overlooks the rose garden.  You can see the master bedroom’s upstairs balcony which overlooks the roses.   The room on the ground floor with the beautiful porch and French doors is the card room.

The spring that runs under the house collects into this historic cistern – where it irrigates the rose garden and pool yard.

From the Historic Registry application – all the secret gardens were photographed.  Here is a fountain found in the rose garden.

An older view shows the extreme slope of the estate and how the front yard appears to be a sunken garden.  Notice the stone steps that lead from the driveway to the pool area.  These were later removed.

A later view shows the stone stairs are now gone.  Another set of stairs are located much closer to the pool.

You can see the stone steps that once lead down to the drive.  And notice the bright white trim on the house which today is painted a much better soft green.   Another choice would be a color that matched the stone so that the trim disappear.

From Photoshoot:  The entry is circular with its stone floor.  The chandelier is incredible.  just incredible!  Notice the wallpaper on the landing.

Real Estate Photo – in this photo you can see the skylight at the top of the winding staircase.   Robert Motherwell painting over settee.

A close up.  Please compare this beauty to a sputnik that is so popular today.   I love how the chandelier complements the brass railing.

Did you notice this beauty of a mirror?  Or how about this crocodile? 

Actually, it’s a piece of cast bronze art by Francois-Xavier Lalanne – Pamela has a pair.

Also, you may have noticed all the black votives with the gold seal – here are several in different sizes.   Obviously Pamela is obsessed with them!   Both her beach house and Beverly Hills houses are filled with these candles:  Cire Trudon.   You can get them at Amazon HERE.   They are quite pricey, so I bought the smallest size to try. 

Pamela likes the scent Trianon.  She says it was Marie Antoinette’s favorite.

From a photoshoot with a dressed up Pamela.  Notice the French dog bed behind her on the right!

The dog bed was used in a photoshoot, showcasing Pamela’s collection of clothes and shoes.

I’m not sure what this was really made for – is it a dog bed, really?

A view of the marble design as seen from the landing.

The staircase is beautiful!  I love the brass railing!!!

This photo from Merv Griffin’s time shows the staircase is almost the same except the bannister here is white instead of black.  In the center is a table and above a  large chandelier – not quite as beautiful as the one the Levys own today.   I do have to say the black railing is so much prettier than the white.

After Merv Griffin sold the house, Rikki and Fredrik Rosen, of Ticketmaster fame, moved in.  They hired Hendrix and Allydyce to decorate.  The duo were most famous for decorating Rod Stewart’s mansion and Kenny G’s beautiful house – I vividly remember both of these photoshoots. 

Here is the entry hall – you can see that the duo are the ones responsible for changing the bannister to black.  I wonder what their chandelier looked like?  And the marble floor?  I had read that the floor was original to the house, but according the duo – they designed it and installed it.  It is actually granite and limestone – not marble.

And this one photograph from a magazine shows the upstairs landing.  One section of the curved landing has de Gournay wallcovering on it.  And in front, is this incredible chest on a stand.  Gorgeous.  Of course the clothing is not usually there – this was done for the photoshoot only.

  Photoshoot:   The living room is a mix of classic and contemporary.   While the art is all modern, flanking the fireplace are two large Julian Schnabels, the furniture is antique inspired with the sofa from Jansen.    Of course I love the crystal sconces.

Real Estate Photos:   You can see the layout of the living room here – with the long curved sofa in the bay window and the large rug, whose colors inspired the room’s scheme.  Two antique consoles with sconces flank the bay window.  Adjoining the living room is a small card room.

Originally when the house was bought by the Levys, the windows had three layers of curtains on them. Pamela told Peter Dunham – no green!  Well, that didn’t last – the living room is filled with green.   Another change made early on was all the walls were painted white.  Slowly over the years, wallpapers were added.

On this side of the living room – there is a large mirrored screen behind white damask covered chairs with trim.

Here you can get a idea of the size of the Schnabels.

View of the bay window – with the pair of sconces that match those over the fireplace.

The Card Room that opens to the Rose Garden.  I wish we could see that pair of gilt chairs in the window!

An earlier view of the Card Room when it wasn’t quite finished being decorated.  Jefery Levy told an interviewer they spent ten years working on the house and the décor.  The kitchen and bathrooms were updated – but they didn’t do any reconstruction.

This is a real estate photo of the living room – looking out to the card room and rose garden.  You can see there are windows on all three sides.  I thought the card room was a pass through.  What a nice space if you are a card player.  My sister plays Pan, whatever that is!!!     Of course that round table is not really for card playing and I’m pretty sure that Pamela does not play bridge or gin rummy or poker.

When Liliore Rains lived here, this room had silver damask walls and her main fabric was a robin’s egg blue and white print.   Sounds so pretty!   The walls of her circular staircase were the same silver.

One note:  I think this French mantel was replaced by the Rosen’s designers.  It seems like a more “trendy” mantle than one that would have been here in the 1940s.  Not to mean trendy in a bad way – only that it seems like a mantel that Americans started using more recently than the 40s.  I could be wrong but….

BEFORE:   As seen in House & Garden, June 2002. Hendrix and Allydyce Interiors.   The living room is quite different as designed for the Rosens.  The floor is very light pine – today it is dark, dark brown wood.  Another big difference are the round columns.  That was a huge surprise!  The Rosens installed them and most likely Peter Dunham had them removed.  They are strangely out of character in the house.   Notice how much chinoiserie is in the room, exactly how Pamela likes it!

BEFORE:   Here is a close-up in House & Garden of the Rosen’s gorgeous secretary, filled with antique ivory and porcelain.

I have to say that I think the house looks great under the Rosens!  I can understand why Pamela was attracted to it, designed this way – with all their chinoiserie. 


The dining room is a long rectangle with a mirrored table and gilt French chairs with leather upholstery.   The star is the huge crystal chandelier.    At this point, there was a large carpet in the dining room – but later it was removed.


  Pamela uses the house for photoshoots – here for a story about her collection of tableware.   The chandelier?   Baccarat.   No wonder it is so gorgeous.


A meal with red and pink roses.           

Real Estate Photos – shows the Rosen’s stone floor.   The  only thing I’m not crazy about in this room are the curtains in this room.  They just look too limp and lifeless.   I’m sure when they were first put up they were wonderful.  I just think loose silk panel, would look pretty in this room with all these straight edges.

Love a fireplace in the dining room!!!

BEFORE:   From 1992, the dining room.  Most likely this was Merv’s décor by Waldo Fernandez.  Notice the window is installed instead of the French doors.   And notice the fireplace surround is white marble.

Most interesting is the beautiful chandelier that is now hanging the upstairs study!!!

House & Garden 2002:  Ricci & Fredrik Rosen by Hendrix & Allardyce.

The dining room underwent many changes during the Rosen’s ownership.   The floor was changed to a pattern with granite and limestone – just like the entry hall, even though to me it looks like marble.  A French door was installed to showcase the landscaping out back.  The mantel now has tan stone and notice the murals on the walls.  The chairs are Swedish.

ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST:    The French doors were installed to showcase the fountain, a  French antique, outside the window.  It looks like a new walkway was landscaped along the back side of the house. 


The Family Room Today:   Across the entrance hall from the living room is the family room.  It came with the dark molding and Pamela wanted to keep it to make the room have a night time bar type atmosphere.  In the corner is an Oriental screen.  The red rug was a surprise to Pamela, who told Dunham – no red.  That is, until she saw it on the dark floor.

A moody view into the family room.   Dunham used softly curved sofas in many of the bay windows.

A chaise in the corner, in front of the screen.

The bar with some of her collection of crystal and silver.

Another view of the library – with a collection of chairs.   Gold consoles flank the sofa.

The decorator, Peter Dunham, stands in front of one of the two consoles in the family room.  That is incredible.

House & Garden 2002:  Hendrix & Allydyce for the Rosens,    A large mural hangs against the wall.  It doesn’t say which room, but it might be the family room.

House & Garden: 2002.   Hendrix and Allydyce for the Rosens.   The paneled library was not shown in the Levys’ real estate photos, but it was shown during the Rosens time.  You can see two layers of curtains – Pamela did say some windows had three layers of coverings!

This room either overlooks the back side of the house or the rose garden.

TODAY:   The only photos I could find of the office are from a photoshoot – showing Pamela’s extensive clothing collection.   The book case framed by a modern lamp.


On the wall is a print of Jefery Levy.   You can see the pretty carvings on the  mantel.

And the carvings around this window.

I wish we had photos without the clothes!!!    But these were taken for a photoshoot.

Photoshoot from a magazine – the breakfast room is pure English country manor.

Pamela in her kitchen with part of her blue and white collection.  I wish we could see her chandeliers.

From a magazine photoshoot – marble topped island.

Jefery Levy makes movies and he filmed a few at his house.  I pulled this screen shot off the trailer – it shows the kitchen.  The entire back splash looks like one slab of marble. 

The pantry – Pamela bought this chinoiserie chest to keep her tapers in.  Later, she added the blue and white platters – a collection that grew.

A bad, blurry view of the upstairs hall – it leads to Pamela’s office at the end of the hall.

Between the yellow print chairs is a marble shelf with an antique mirror above it.

One thing I really am attracted to about Pamela’s style is her love of symmetry!

Pamela’s office has a mirrored desk, similar to her dining table.    But again, it’s the chandelier that is the star here.  Gorgeous!  Now remember – this was here at the house from Merv or before.   I wonder if any other chandeliers were from earlier tenants.

Truthfully, I’ve never been so fortunate to buy a house with a chandelier like that in it!!!!

This room sits over the family room, below it.

These chandeliers with the hanging icicles are my current favorites.  They are so romantic and beautiful.

A vignette in front of the window seat in the study.

One more…

I lied!   One more!!!!

Sorry.  I’m just in love.

Originally the master bedroom looked like this – with Chelsea Editions drapes on the bed.  An antique, it was enlarged in order to fit a king size mattress. 

Later, the room was redecorated in parts:


The Chelsea Editions curtains remained, but more luxe, silk material was added, along with a red chinoiserie desk and chaise longue.   At first I thought that was the same desk as in their Malibu house, but no, it just looks like it.   The rug stayed and wallpaper or fabric covered the walls.  In the end, the room didn’t look much like it first did.

Here, you can see the bench was also recovered.  

Real Estate photos are just terrible!  BUT – they do let you see the entire room, all the corner and angles.   In this view – you can see the bay window overlooks the front yard and the bedroom sits over the living room.   At the left is the balcony that sits on top of the card room.  The balcony looks out onto the rose garden.

When the first owner, Liliore Rains lived here, her master bedroom had shell pink carpet and her bed was described as having a crystal back.

BEFORE:   The Rosens added on a new bathroom in the master suite and I assume it was this one.  A skylight light the entry hall is here and the floor is white marble.  The bathtub is pretty – with a mirror in pieces.   This photo was on the

Wallpaper from de Gournay was added to the walls.  Shells chairs and a table sit underneath a sky light.   Another beautiful chandelier.

I’m really jealous of all her chandeliers!  They are beautiful.

A more atmospheric photograph of the bathroom.

Here you can see two more chairs with gilt faux bois AND the fabulous wallpaper.

Pamela said that Peter Dunham introduced her to de Gournay and she spent 10 years putting it in all over her house.   Here you can see the wallpaper from their Japanese/Korean collection.

And somewhere in this bathroom/closet/etc is Pamela’s vanity – mirrored, of course!

Earlier, this was a guest bedroom.   There are so many bedrooms – over seven, but I have a feeling this toile was later remodeled.

Here is another guest bedroom – with a deep blue wallpaper and chinoiserie table which I love!   Very beautiful.

This bedroom was designed by Irene Lipsey, who also designed the beach house #2!!

A view of the bedside table with the new fabric.  Look familiar?   It’s the same fabric in the Malibu’s master bedroom!  I suppose she had a few rolls left over to use here.

An atmospheric photo of the guest bedroom.

A corner vanity table in the guest room. Notice the window shades and the cornices.  Whoa.

And look at this Oriental armoire – gilt interior and red paint.  Wow.

Just a thought.  Jefery Levy said in an interview that all the furniture and art was included.  I know people do that, but I just think it must be so hard to give away special things – like this.

Here, you can see the swimming pool, which is at a lower level than the house.   You reach it by coming down that set of stone steps.   Old statuary at each corner. 

A view the other direction shows the pool house.  On the other side of the pool house is the tennis court.  Pamela loves to swim and says she does so every day.   She used to surf, but doesn’t so much any now that she is getting a little older.

So Beverly Hills!!!!

The pool house has seen many incarnations.   Here it is seen in 1948, during the filming of a motion picture:

The 1960 version.   Notice the stairs leading down to somewhere?

BEFORE:   Merv Griffin enlarged the pool house.  It’s not known if this is the before or after, but today, the pool house is much more like a house than this.    The flagstone floor is very beautiful.   Notable is that the sculptures that surround the pool today are not seen here.

The poolhouse doubles as a party house and theatre.  It can hold over 100 people during parties.   The walls are trellis and the floor is covered with textured rugs.   At the back is the dining table and a large Oriental screen.   At this end is a bar and full kitchen.

Looks at the other direction – you can see into the kitchen.  At the right is the tennis court.

And a beautiful photograph from Peter Dunham’s web site – shows the sitting area and incredible screen.  Antique leather chairs. 

Here is a photo of Merv Griffin in the pine forest – it’s interesting to see how much of a slope there is to this land.   There is the large slope from the house to the pool, but it’s strange that the slope continues down from the forest.

Finally, in the forest is the original Adirondack cabin which apparently was built north-west of the main house.  Some articles state the cabin was older than the house, but in the application for Historic Properties, it was said that the cabin was built when the house was. 

The porch looks out towards Century City, unbelievably!   Parties are held here, as are yoga lessons.

HOUSE & GARDEN 2002.  I assume the Rosens updated the interior.  I can see a refrigerator hidden in a cabinet.  There are original stone floors and a fireplace.  What a great place!

Years later for a photoshoot, you can see the refrigerators were replaced with regular doors, instead of the faux wood ones.  You can see that the Rosens left wood bar stools and the fabulous island for the Levys. 

Another photo from Dunham’s web site – the cabin all dressed up!!

Such a treasure!!!!

Don’t you want an Adirondack cabin in YOUR backyard?!!  I do!!!

As I noted before, Jefery Levy said in an interview that they were going to sell this house with all the furniture and art, as much had been bought especially for this house.   That really surprised me.  Pamela said that she had spent a lifetime collecting many of these antiques and just to sell it all – to probably a young couple who is going to take this house into the modern times, seems so sad to me.

Then again, I don’t know if their Beverly Hills house is still on the market or not nor whether the Levys still plan to move.  Maybe they changed their minds.

Regardless, the Malibu house is for sale.  It would be really great if whomever bought the beach house decided to buy the Beverly Hills house too!!!!

All I know is that I’ve been obsessing over a beach house for a few years, without realizing that the Juicy Couture designer owned it.  Being obsessed with that beach house took me down that rabbit hole in Beverly Hills. 

I hope you had as much fun as I did!

To order their biographical book, just click on it.

While Pamela and Gela don’t own Juicy Couture, their cute style is still evident in the line.  Here’s a few things I liked: